When it comes to designing a house, interior and exterior goes in parity. The Exterior should also look equally good as interior. Nowadays, there are different concepts of designing the exterior of a house which varies from generation to generation. For instance, young generation wants a play ground theme wherein they can play sports in the park. On the contrary, some only want a silent environment like making of a hut wherein they can sit with a cup of coffee and talk, etc. Open swimming pools are also in fashion and many more…

In addition to Interior, Just Interio also offers you a wide variety of exterior designs. Be it a Garden area, parks, landscape planning, open swimming pools, bars, parking area, etc, we always provide our customers with a feasible advice of landscape design and project management services.We, as specialists in multi-disciplinary design team, have experience in following sectors:

  • Residential and housing
  • Exterior Color Combinations
  • Light Up Your place
  • Texture paint
  • Parking planning
  • Garden design
  • Main gate designing
  • Granite polishing
  • Commercial landscape design
  • Strategic landscape master planning
  • Institutional landscape planning
  • Play ground

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